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20% off Premium Quality Meats Hand-Delivered

Get the best meat hand-delivered to Key Biscayne. Receive 20% off with coupon code KBMEATLOVER (minimum order $30).

All of the USDA Choice and USDA Prime beef is sourced from US MidWestern Farms (simply put, this is the best beef out there).

This is the same beef you will find at the finest steakhouses in Chicago and New York. We belive Midwestern farms offer the best quality beef in the US. Our beef is processed in Chicago at USDA approved facilities before its shipped to Miami for distritribution.

The Meat N' Bone Premium Reserve beef is sourced from Litchfield Michigan, particularly from Ferry Farms, which is a a family run operation. Our beef is processed in a small family-owned / family-operated processor in the surrounding areas of Litchfield, Michigan (Population: 1,346).

The Meat N' Bone Premium Reserve beef is not USDA Graded but it usually grades High Grade Choice or Prime.

Meat N' Bone's Grass Fed Beef is sourced from Uruguay. This country, which is in the south-east of South America has privileged conditions for catle breeding and is known for its quality beef. Uruguayan cattle are bred in the open range all year long, naturally fed on a vegetable protein basis, with no use of the animal products or by-products whatsoever. These practices have been forbidden by law for over 20 years.

The beef exported from Uruguay is heavily regulated by goverment and third party entities.

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